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Did you know that Tolle Appraisal Service...

  • Covers Citrus, Levy, Hernando, Sumter and Marion counties on a daily basis (all Northwest Central Florida).
  • Staff is comprised of four full-time appraisers with over 65 years of combined real estate appraisal experience.
  • Includes a support staff dedicated to serving your every need.
  • Turnaround time between five to ten business days from inspection date depending on complexities.
  • Can complete residential and commercial appraisals.
  • Has three appraisers who are FHA/HUD approved, and two appraisers who are VA approved.
  • Appraises for most area financial institutions/mortgage companies (USPAP).
  • Member of Citrus County Chamber of Commerce.

Fee Structure for Improved Properties*

FNMA Standard Reports (for most residential property)


Condominium Report


Small Residential Income Property - Duplex


Small Residential Income Property - Tri/Quadraplex


*Fees may change due to complexities and workload.


Fee Structure for Exclusive Properties

Acreage, large golf course, and/or waterfront exposure will vary in fee, based on time and difficulty of assignment, ranging from $500 to $700 for a FNMA Standard Report, $500 to $700 for a Drive-By Appraisal Report.

Fee Structure for Vacant Land

Platted Residential Lots


Riverfront Lots


Acreage Parcels up to 5 acres


Acreage Parcels 5 to 10 acres


Other Fees and Upgrades

A discount will be given on Standard FNMA Report upgrade when we have done prior Drive-By Report on same property within previous six months. For an average home, appraisal fees would be $400 for a Drive-By Appraisal and an additional $175 for an upgrade to Standard FNMA Report (Form 1004).

Commercial (Self-Contained, Summary, Restricted)


Construction Draw fees (per draw)

$ 200.00

Final Draw with completion certification

$ 200.00

FHA residential appraisal


216 op Income/1007 Comp Rent Schedule


1004c Mobile Home Report


The staff at Tolle Appraisal Service, Inc. prides itself on quality, accuracy and outstanding service! If you have any questions, call us direct 352-563-0222.